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The menu at Tai Tai is designed to share, as we believe that food is best enjoyed in good company. We encourage you to share our dishes in order to experience the diversity in our menu. Join us to eat (and drink) to Tai Tai’s philosophy;
Live to eat, do not eat to live.


cantonese chicken & sweet corn soup 8

spinach & noosa spanner crab soup 9

dim sum: steamed

(3 pieces)

prawn har gow dumplings (gf) 14

jade scallop, prawn dumplings (gf) 14

porcini & wild mushrooms dumplings (v) 14

pork, crab meat & flying fish roe shumai 13


shanghai xiao loong bao – little pork dumplings (5 pieces) 16

- little vegetable dumplings (5 pieces) 17

assorted steamed dim sum basket (8 pieces) 28

dim sum: pan fried & fried

(3 pieces)
saltwater duck & mushroom dumplings  15
wild mushroom & vegetable spring rolls (v)   13

assorted baked & fried dim sum platter (8 pieces) 25

bao buns

(fluffy steamed bao buns)

double braised & glazed 'dong po' pork belly bao 29



jiangsu crispy skin duck (half) 42

prawn, scallops & squid


wok tossed ginger prawns & scallops 39

steamed garlic king prawns 38

spiced salt & pepper squid 27

pork & beef

black pepper angus beef 29

hakka crispy pork belly (gf)  27

honey glazed “char siu” bbq pork 27

free range chicken

hainanese chicken 26

kung pao chicken 27
san pei claypot chicken  27

sichuan bang bang chicken 26



steamed ginger & shallots deep sea cod 42

steamed tamarind & ginger flower deep sea cod 42

cantonese sweet & sour crispy barramundi fillet (gf) 36


tofu, chinese greens & vegetables

buddha's delight wok braised mushrooms & tofu (v) 25

san-pei king oyster mushroom claypot (v) 26

stir fry chinese leafy greens (v) 14

noodles & rice

tai tai vegetarian fried rice (v) 24

char kway teow (ckt)  26

typhoon shelter yangzhou fried rice 24
steamed premium thai jasmine rice (gf, v)  3pp


deep fried milk 14

deep fried ice cream 14

summer chilled mango pudding 14

Please note, a surcharge of 10% will be applied on all public holidays and Sundays.